A functional core is a strong core! This guide is going to lay the foundation for you body to function at its best. Our core is the foundation for the rest of our body and in turn, everything we do day to day. Our breath is the foundation for our life. This guide will help you to master your breathing and your core function so that you can feel you best and be your strongest, whatever phase of life you're in.

Who should use this guide?

✓ The information in this guide is beyond beneficial for pregnant and postpartum women. Having knowledge of your core and inner unit function can help to prevent common pregnancy concerns, support a strong pregnancy and an optimal postpartum recovery. 

✓ Anyone trying to heal their diastasis recti. True core function supports diastasis healing and helps you to create a 'functional diastasis' while it heals so you can get back to the activities you love.

✓ Anyone struggling with incontinence. 

✓Anyone dealing with low back aches or pelvic pain. 

✓Anyone considering having children in the future. Knowing this information beforehand is an incredible advantage.

✓Anyone looking to strengthen a weak core and create an optimal foundation for their body.

✓Anyone that wants to create optimal core function and strength to support their body in training and in life. 

What's inside?
✓ A breakdown of each piece of your deep core and how to connect properly along with practice exercises to help you get there.
✓ A breakdown of your optimal breath and how to tap into it, practice it, and how it supports your body and life. 
✓ Tips for troubleshooting common issues when connecting to each piece of the deep core so you know you're on the right track.
✓ Techniques for properly using your core in workouts and activities of daily life.
✓ Practice plans for pregnancy, diastasis healing and preconception and strength for a jump start to your goals.
✓ Special considerations for pregnancy and postpartum within each section.
✓ 50+ exercise tutorials to help you practice your optimal core function. Broken down into beginner, moderate and challenging. 
✓30+ tutorial videos explaining the important concepts in the guide for optimal understanding and implementation. 

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your best core

Creating a strong and functional core in pregnancy, postpartum and all stages of life! 

Reviewed and Approved by Women's Health Physical Therapists