Hey guys, I'm Niki!

Most days you can find me in sweats and a messy bun, eating potatoes and spending time with baby Noah Robert! I’m mostly known for my crazy (bad) dance moves and smiling during workouts 🙂

I love serving the world by sharing all I’ve learned through my faith journey and fitness training as personal trainer with pre+ post-natal specialization.

I help people who struggle with sticking to their health + fitness goals, want to grow into their best self mentally + physically and wish they could enjoy life while still reaching their healthy lifestyle goals.

As a personal trainer I’ve been featured in Health magazine, Cosmo + Self.com for my home workouts that make fitness easier to fit in!

When I’m not busy creating workouts + sharing my best tips you can find me spending time with my family (they’re my favorites!), reading, catching a Star Trek re run or enjoying the occasional video game session!

working out always puts me in a better mood and I want to share that joy with others!

3 Things you might not know about me...

1) I originally studied theater and art history. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I realized I wanted to study personal training and fitness.

2) I ran Division 1 collegiate track and cross country at Wofford College.

3) I pretty much ate only chicken fingers, fries, pizza, and desserts until I was 23.

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