10 Minute Awesome Abs

Welcome to today’s workout! It’s a quick 10 minute (well, 9:33) ab workout that hits all over that six pack!

Now to go a little off the abs topic and on to progress. It’s important to remember that progress takes time! So don’t get discouraged when you don’t reach your goal super quick or see drastic results in the first few weeks of training. That time before you start making major progress is when you have to stay strong! Create those healthy habits, make working out a normal part of your routine and pretty much lay the foundation for your healthy lifestyle and future progress! I promise it’s coming as long as you keep working, stay committed and keep doing your best!

So, don’t discount the tiny changes you see that maybe no one else notices, or the small victories like drinking more water in a day, choosing to eat those veggies, or getting that workout in! Every bit of progress or tiny step towards your goals is forward motion and they add up to big things when you do them consistently! So basically guys, you’ve got this! Just keep giving it the best you can!

Anyways, abs! We all have them, they may just not be showing (yet:D). Working towards your ab goals is going to involve more than just lots of crunches. A good full body plan (because your abs work during those squats too, ayy!) with resistance training and HIIT is a great (The Get Fit Guide is how I train- round 2 right now) way to go for it! You’ll also want to do your best to eat in a nourishing, whole food centered way most of the time! Finding the balance that works best for you is key. We all have different goals and different stages of life where those goals may shift a bit. Generally 80/20 on track/treat is a sustainable way to go!

Now to the fun part we’ve all been waiting for! The 10 Minute Awesome Abs Workout!

10 Minute Awesome Abs Workout

Side Plank Crunch – In a full side plank with top arm extended, tap your hips to the floor, come back up and bring your top knee and elbow together for a crunch. To modify: Bend the bottom knee to 90 degrees allowing it to support you..

Scoop & Pop – Start with knees bent in towards your chest and hands under and below your butt to help keep your back from arching off the mat. Extend your legs out then scoop them up until your feet point to the ceiling. Engage your lower abs to pop your hips off the ground (doesn’t have to be a high pop!).

Roll Up (slow lower) – Start lying down with arms reaching towards the ceiling. Roll up to a seated position and lower back down as slowly as possible. To modify: Place your arms behind your head to use their momentum from pulling forward and make it a little easier to roll up!

Hope you enjoyed this quick ab workout! Let me know what you’d like to see next!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!