10 Minute Tight Abs

Six pack abs seem to be on everyone’s goal list, so this is a popular workout request! Today’s follow along workout is a 10 minute ab workout that works all over your abs and is sure to be oh so enjoyable! You can find the quick clips on My Instagram or follow along with the full video here. There’s also a quick demo on how to do each exercise before starting.

One important thing to remember when talking about our six pack goals is that ab work is not the only important part of the equation. 

We can work abs from morning to night, but if that’s all we’re doing it’s not going to magically create a six pack.


Here’s what you need to know:


Abs are not exactly made in the kitchen but they are most definitely revealed there. Making healthy nutrition choices the majority of the time is going to help get rid of bloat and help lower overall body fat so that your abs can begin to show. If you want nutrition help, check out The Get Fit Food Guide!

Staying hydrated allows your body to let go of added water weight. Seems crazy, but when your body isn’t getting enough water it will hold more water. You body doesn’t want to be dehydrated! Staying hydrated also allows you to stay ‘regular,’ preventing that type of bloat as well.

A good total body plan will do more good than working your abs every day. Like we talked about before, lowering your body fat percentage is going to allow your abs to show. A good workout plan with some resistance training and HIIT will help you get there. Whether you create your own or purchase one, staying committed and consistent will do wonders. If you want to train like me check out The Get Fit Guide!


The Workout:


2 Rounds  x  5 Moves  x  50 seconds work: 10 seconds rest

Pop Scoop Pop

Tap Outs

Hip Lifts

Cross Reach

Knee Circle Planks



xx Sweat, Smile, Repeat!