12 Minut Ab Sculpt

It’s a beautiful Friday here in SC and a Get Fit Guide cardio day for me so I added this awesome little 12 minute ab circuit afterwards 🙂 I’m all about quick & efficient workouts and this one is definitely both of those things! Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be doing, all you need is a mat and your body!

12 Minute Ab Sculpt

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4 Rounds x 40 seconds work : 8 seconds rest

V twist
Extend & crunch
Bell Planks

A few tips:

Keep your back pressed to the mat when extending your legs so that it doesn’t start to feel any strain!

The higher your legs extend the less strain your back will feel – start high and lower as you feel necessary. The stronger your abs and he ability to keep your back from arching off the mat, the lower you can have your legs.

Keep your abs engaged – pull that belly button to your spine!

If you find yourself needing  a little bit of extra rest after each round just pause me! You can definitely use a video to go at your own pace and build up! Everyone starts somewhere different and follow alongs are a great way to go at your own pace! You have control of the pause button. Do your best to make it through one round at a time, thinking about what you’re doing rather than how much you have left. It’s much more doable when you focus on the current moment. Have an awesome workout!