12 Minute Tight Glutes

It’s glute time! Quick workouts like these are not only a great addition to a butt lifting plan, they’re also an awesome way to really burn out the glutes and get them firing in daily life as well as other exercises like squats or lunges! We’ve talked about this before on the blog but most times our glutes are really neglected unless we make and effort to give them some time and focus. We sit so much in life that they ‘fall asleep’. Which is a reason a lot of people end up being quad dominant during some lower body exercises. Fear not! You can get those glutes working!  And this is one way to start. 🙂

This video is set up more as a post workout burnout but you can also use a round of these moves as part of your warm up before a lower or total body day to really get the glutes ready to work. By activating them pre workout, you focus on the mind muscle connection and help them start firing so you’ll be able to recruit them better during other movements.

12 Minute Tight Glutes

31 seconds work : 9 seconds rest x 3 Rounds

Bridge Press Out – Keep your glutes squeezing to keep you lifted in a nice bridge through the entire movement. Press your legs out against the band allowing your feet to move onto the sides as needed for knee comfort. Abs engaged here, pelvis tilted slightly towards your face to prevent dumping into your lower back.
Jack Legs – Lying on your stomach, use your glutes to lift your legs slightly off the ground. Glutes should remain engaged through the entire interval! Press your legs out wide against the band and bring them back to center. Use a rolled up towel under your hips for some height here if needed! It makes the move simpler but you still get the burn!
Side Pulse R & L – Starting in an all fours position with one leg lifted and glute engaged through the whole interval to hold your leg at hip height. Press out to the side against the band and bring the leg back to starting. Abs engaged! Try to keep your torso somewhat still.
Fire Hydrant R & L – Starting in an all fours position, keeping your knee bent, press against the band to lift your leg out to the side. Abs engaged!

Ok guys, that’s it! Today’s workout! I love to use these post workout on total body days and leg days! They usually make it into my Get Fit Guide training twice a week!

I hope you felt the burn! Let me know if you tried it out!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!