14 Minute Beautiful Back

Welcome to a super quick but super targeted workout! It’s all about the back! It’s great for when you’re short on time and for pairing up with another one of my YouTube (Sugarysixpack – niki) videos! You can add another upper body targeted workout or pair it with some lower body for a more total body type day. Either way this is an awesome and quick workout for all over your back.

One important thing to keep in mind in this ‘bent’ position is to engage your core and keep your chest open. You don’t want to have a hunched over upper back and shoulders here. It won’t feel good on your lower back! Keep your abs engaged and working. The second thing you want to keep in mind is to allow your knees to bend and your hips to hinge. You butt will be back slightly.

14 Minute Beautiful Back Workout


You’ll need a mat and some dumbbells!

Three rounds x 10 reps per weighted movement & 30 seconds per body weight movement. Work through at your own speed or follow along with me!

The Moves:

It’s important to note that while all of these exercise target your back as the prime mover muscle, accessory muscles will be working as well! Do your best to really recruit those back muscles!

Bent Rows – In the bent position, let the weight hand down straight from your shoulders. Palms facing each other. Really work to engage your back muscles in this movement.  Make that mind muscle connection! Elbows go back alongside the body until they reach about 90 degrees.

Pike Pops – Starting in a pike push up position (an upside down V) withe wide legs. Do a pike push up, when back at the top, pop your legs off the floor tapping your heels together.

Bent Flys – In the bent position mentioned above, have elbows slightly bent with palms facing each other and together with arms straight down from your upper chest. Contract your back to pull your arms open and to the sides – almost like you’re flapping your wings- and lower them back to starting slow and controlled.

Donkey Kicks (low) – Start in a full plank position with bent legs, almost like you’re on all fours with your knees lifted. Legs are wide. Pop our legs up and together before landing in starting position. .

Straight Kicks – In the bent position described above, arms are mostly straight (a micro bent at the elbow to prevent them being locked out) and hanging down from the shoulders. Kick them back, keeping them mostly straight. The more upright your are and the more bend you allow in your elbows, the less it will hit your lats and the more it will hit your triceps. 

Forearm Pops – Start in a forearm plank position with slightly bent knees and wider than usual legs, pop your heels off the ground and bring them to tap in the middle. Allow your butt to pop up towards the ceiling here, you’re almost in that upside down V again.


I hope you enjoyed that workout! Check back for more and head to my YouTube to see them all! And be sure to sign up for your FREE Six Minute Six Pack e-book in the sidebar!:)


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!