15 Minute Fat Burn

Hey everyone! Welcome to a lovely, fat burning, sweaty training session. All you need is a chair, bench or step box for this workout and I promise 15 minutes will be enough 😀 I actually like a few of these exercises better with a chair (as long as it has no arms and is sturdy) but mine squeaks so loud you would probably quit the workout! And we wouldn’t want that! 😀

So, cardio is not everyone’s favorite. But it’s great for you! A big thing to remember is that you don’t need to spend hours doing slow and steady cardio to get the health and fitness benefits. This workout is a prime example of that, we’re going to work for 15 minutes but we’re going to work hard! Get a good warm up in because once we start, the countdown is on and the workout is started.

So, though cardio is not my favorite either, I happen to really enjoy a good HIIT (most days) and this is a good HIIT. I was struggling to breath and talk to you guys here from somewhere in round one, which doesn’t always happen. I grew up many years talking during 12 mile runs and track workouts so I’ve built a good little barely getting any air but can still talk threshold! Lucky for anyone watching this video..maybe. 😀

There’s a little breakdown of the workout below!

15 Minute Fat Burn

This is a cardio workout with fairly short intervals so you should be pushing yourself to go as quickly as you can for the 35 seconds ( as long as you can keep good form at that pace). Enjoy the workout! Let me know how you like it!

35 seconds work : 10 seconds break : 4 rounds

Step Up Hops

High Taps

Pop Overs

Step Overs

Heel Tap Pops


Sweat, Smile, Repeat! 🙂