15 Minute Fat Melt 1 Weight

10 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!! One of the reasons this workout is a little bit on the shorter end. If you’re like me, you still have a crazy amount of things to get done before Christmas is here or before leaving to see family, which is probably coming up even quicker! Even when things get super busy or hectic, setting aside 20 or so minutes to get your sweat on is key! It can help keep your stress down, energize your and give you a few minutes away from your to do list. Plus, it’s always a win when you can stay on track with workouts, or at least move most days, during this time of year! It’s too easy to fall off track!

If you’ve been doing any of my full YouTube HIIT workouts lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed, the intervals have been a bit longer! Aka things can get a bit challenging. In this one we take the intervals back down a bit but we’re adding some challenge by adding a weight to the exercises! Yay for switching things up! It keeps your body on it toes :D. 

Be sure to choose a fairly light weight here, we’re not going for traditional strength training with any of these moves! It’s more about speed and getting that heart rate going! At least, as quick as you can go with good form, form is always first!

This will get your heart rate up in no time and you can feel good about getting your sweat on!

So enjoy this 15 Minute Fat Melt 1 Weight HIIT and let  me know how it went!

15 Minute Fat Melt 1 Weight

33 seconds work : 12 seconds rest x 4 rounds

Burpee Press Jack – Start in a plank position with a hand on each end of your dumbbell. Hop feet up, one on each side of the weight. Instead of jumping up for your burpee, press up through the heels to hop feet together as your press the weight to the sky. Hop feet back out wide then lower weight back to the floor and hop feet back to a plank
Pop & Press – Start standing with your weight in front of you horizontally. Stand with your right foot near the left end of the dumbbell. Squat down to grab the weight and as you come up curl and press the weight to the ceiling coming on to your toes. Set the weight back down and hop over so that your left foot is near the right end of the dumbbell. Repeat.
Tap Ins – Straddle one end of the weight between your feet. Quickly bring one foot then the other in to tap the end of the weight.
Wide Side Reach  In a wide squat stance. Hold the dumbbell handle in both hands, one end facing you rather than the handle. Half squat down and come up on to your right foot with the dumbbell in your right hand and reach out to your right at a 45 degree angle from your shoulder. Use the half squat to transition the weight to the other hand and repeat on the other side.
Switch Lunge – Start in the bottom of a lunge with your hands on the floor and the weight on the inside of your front foot. Let your weight shift into your hands to jump the opposite leg forward. Grab the weight and press back to a split leg stance (like the top of a split squat). Lower back down and repeat on the other side. Grabbing the weight with the opposite hand of the front foot is usually most comfortable!

Hope your enjoyed this guys! Let me know what you want to see next! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!