16 Minute Upper Body Blast

It’s no secret that upper body workouts are not my favorite. There are not tons of them on my YouTube channel. I sweat and struggle through filming them which is not exactly fun on camera. I’m much more excited to work my legs, lift my butt or do a killer ab workout. Arms just don’t get me excited. Mainly because anything to do with upper body is extra challenging for me. Push up make me want to cry after about 10. I blame it on my lonnng arms! But the truth is we all have some exercise or type of workout that just seems to always be especially difficult. Just because I’m a trainer doesn’t make me any different.

The only thing that I’m acutely aware of as a trainer is that those body part we hate to work, or workouts that we dread (err cardio) are not any less important that the ones we love. Ugh. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. So, just because upper body day isn’t my favorite day of the week doesn’t mean I skip it completely and let my arms turn to noodles.

One thing I try to remember is how much more accomplished I feel after crushing an upper body workout. It’s always an amazing feeling getting through the workout you didn’t want to do.  As soon as my Get Fit Guide upper body day is done I suddenly feel like I accomplished some great feat. Wow I could be in the Olympics or something right? Maybe not but it sure does feel that way sometimes.

Soo moral of the story, here’s an upper body workout for you 😀 If it’s your least favorite type of workout, push through cause you’ve got this!

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells – a second pair in a slightly different weight if you have them and are unsure of what weight you need!

The Workout:

30 Seconds each : 10 Second rest : 4 rounds

Side Curl to Press

Press Jack

Kick & Curl

Cross Touch

Reverse Grip Row

Pike & Push