17 Minute HIIT Blast


Happpy Friday! And any other day you happen to be here! Guys, I’m feeling pretty proud. I filmed this video on my fist HIIT day of the week (Wednesday) because I knew I was flying out on my other HIIT day (Friday)! I pretty much 100 percent film these workouts on Friday before I post them and then proceed to write this post, edit the video for YouTube and then edit it down more for Instagram and Facebook. Pretty much how I spend each Friday morning!  It’s easier for my brain to just do it that day for some reason.

Anyways, this had to be filmed early because I’m flying out to LA for the Fit Expo! It’s going to be the first time flying while knowing I’m pregnant (ohmygosh have I said on my blog yet that I’m pregnant?! 17 Weeks today!) so there will be water bottles and snacks galore in my carry on. Yayy snacks and ultra hydration! I also think it’s slightly funny that my first Fitness Expo is going to be while I’m pregnant and my abs are slowly fading away. Always good timing :D.

So about this workout. It’s a great HIIT to get your heart rate going, get you sweaty and keep things quick! That’s pretty much why I love HIIT workouts so we’re getting it all here guys! Get excited!

Also, Happy New Year!  I wanna congratulate you for being here! Whether you’ve been here forever or you’re just starting out, you’re here and that means you’re committed to some health and fitness goals. Yay! Remember, every time you’re here, putting in work, you’re making progress. So trust the process, it takes time but it’s incredibly worth it! Also super important to remember, YOU’VE GOT THIS! Noww time to sweat!

I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know if you give it a shot!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


17 Minute HIIT Blast

40 seconds work :12 seconds rest x 4 rounds

Bound & Back

Sit Through

Side to Side Quick Feet

Star Pops

Kneel to Knee Drive