18 Min Fat Burn Fun HIIT

Alright guys, it’s HIIT time! Sweaty, out of breath fun, what’s not to love!? Except maybe the not being able to breathe and sweating all over the place :D. But really, this is a fun little workout that doesn’t even feel like the 18 minutes it is! The exercises vary and go by pretty quick which is always a plus!

I love sharing HIIT workouts and intervals because they’re a great for all levels and as you get fitter, you can still use them. You’ll just get more done within each interval! So you can adjust them to the level that you’re at and go your own pace. That’s definitely my favorite things about intervals! You go your pace, I go mine and we all get a great workout in!

Remember to celebrate the small victories! Every time you put in work, you’re taking a step to your goals and doing amazing things for you body and mind! You’ve got this!

45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest x 3 rounds

Inchworm Hops

Fast Food Drops

X Hops

Kneel to Side Hops

Table Top Kick

Single Leg Hops

Enjoy guys! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


18 Min Fat Burn Fun HIIT