18 Minute Lean Lower Body HIIT

Follow along Fridays are some of my favorite days! I love sharing a full workout and hearing how it went for everyone on my YouTube channel! Today I was definitely feeling some low impact work for my The Get Fit Guide HIIT day and what better to focus on than legs!? They’re always painful but in the most wonderful way, right?

This one is super quick, coming in at 18 minutes even and we’re doing a 3:1 work to rest ratio!

Like with any workout, make sure you’re really focusing on performing each rep with good form! It’s going to help you get the most out of the workout and every single rep! When we use good form we target the actual muscles that we want to work rather than just whatever happens to turn on to get us from point A to point B.

Other muscles compensating for the ones we want to be using can be a really common ting in lower body workouts! Aka quads taking over for the glutes in squats etc. One way to really help with this is to make sure you’re really shifting your hips back and down as you lunge squat etc. rather than  just lowering vertically. It’s also really going to help to actively work on keeping the weight out of your toes and in the balls of your feet and heels!

One last thing! This is a low impact workout but we’re still keening the intensity up! Move through the exercises as quickly as you can, getting the most out of each interval! Always only go as quickly as you can keep good form of course!

18 Minute Lean Lower Body HIIT Low Impact


45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest x 3 rounds

Skate Taps – A low impact version of skaters! Start by stepping to the right with your right leg then sinking back and down as you cross your left leg back and behind your body. Press mostly through the front foot to come back to standing then repeat the opposite direction!

Kneel to Squat – Start kneeling on a mat. Step one foot forward so that your knee is at 90 degrees then, press into the front foot so you can bring the other leg up to join it so that you’re in the bottom of a squat. Step each foot back to return to kneeling. Make these big steps, it will help engage the glute more through the movement.

Kneeling Cross Crunch R&L -Start in the bottom of a lunge with your back knee resting on the ground and your torso twisted towards your front leg. While pressing through the front leg to come to standing, bring your back leg up towards your chest to 90 degrees and twist towards it. Lower back to starting. Abs engaged to help balance!

Squat Walk Burpee – Start in a plank position. Step each foot up to your hands then sit back into a squat. Take a step with each foot, while staying in a squat position, before lowering back down to plank.

Tap Back to Knee Drive ALT – Step one leg back and sink down to tap the floor, immediately bring the same leg up and drive the knee towards the chest. Quickly set the foot down and switch sides. Alternate sides.

I hope you enjoyed this workout! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!