19 Minute Low Impact Fat Loss & 5 Min Abs

Helloo everyone! I’m sorry for my complete absence last week, I was with my family including all my cousins, aunts and uncles at the beach! We haven’t done this since I was about 6 years old so I figured a week from blogging, vlogging, and filming workouts might be ok! If it wasn’t please forgive me!:D

This workout is a low impact HIIT. The other day when I asked for workout requests on Instagram a few people requested a low impact cardio workout! If you’ve been following me any length of time, or do my Get Fit Guide, you know I like to hop, jump and basically incorporate plyos most days of the week! It’s great for adding a bit of a fat burning element and really burn out those muscles when paired with dumbbell exercises. Enough about that though, that’s not what we’re doing today!

We’re doing a low impact workout but I promise you will still sweat.

Cause, you know, I’m all about a good sweaty workout session :D.

The intervals here are a bit longer than usual, being a full 60 seconds, because we’re doing exercises that you can do for that long while keeping good form. Imagine doing 4 rounds of 60 seconds of jump squats, plyo lunges, heel tap burpee and sumo jumps. That would be a crazzzy painful and hard to do workout. Especially because we’re taking just 10 seconds rest between our 60 second intervals. Soo here we are, the workout video is below and a breakdown of the moves are under it. Though I was sweaty and out of breath, I really enjoyed this workout. It was a nice change of pace and there are some fun moves!

Oops, forgot to mention after we finish you get some lovely ab work! It’s just 5 minutes of abs with the option for a bonus round! Since yours truly said 3 rounds and 5 minutes but it was really 3 rounds in 5 minutes. I of course didn’t want to disappoint anyone that was looking forward to that third round! You’ll have to let me know if you give that bonus round a go!


19 Minute Low Impact Fat Loss & 5 Min Abs 

1 minute intervals x 4 rounds

All of these exercises should be done as quickly as possible while keeping good form. You’ve go this! 🙂
Fast Foot Tap – Tapping feet on and off the ground as quickly as possible while moving one direction. The inside leg goes back and across you body and you sink down slightly to tap the floor. This happens every 12- 20 taps but the number isn’t what’s super important, moving those feet quickly is!  Repeat the opposite direction.
Inch Worm Cross – Bend to touch the floor, walk hands out so that you’re in a plank position. Do a cross climber to each elbow (the knee drives across your body to the opposite elbow). Walk yourself back to bent, stand up and do a cross body crunch each side before starting again.
Shuffle Tap – Shuffle to one side twice then do a half squat to reach for the ground with one arm. Repeat the other side.
Step Burpee – Start in a plank position, step feet up quickly one at a time and come to standing. Reach for the sky while getting up on your tip toes (like you’re completing a calf raise) before placing hands back on the floor and stepping feet back.

45 second intervals x 2-3 rounds
Extended Crunch
Tap Crunch


Let me know if you gave it a try and how you liked it! 🙂


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


xx Niki