19 Minute Upper Body Sculpt

It’s a rare day here (possibly as rare as our low impact day the other week)! Upper body follow along! Yayy! I don’t film many of these, but I promise you my The Get Fit Guide has it weekly and I hit upper body during total body day as well. It’s just not a favorite request from anyone and also not a favorite of my to be doing extra of :D.

Favorite or not though, it’s necessary! We’ve gotta keep those bodies balanced and strong. This one is mostly low impact with one jumping exercise in there but it can easily be modified!

If you’re like me and not a huge upper body fan, I promise this one isn’t so bad! It goes by nice and quick, you hit all over your upper body, and you can feel amazing after because you crushed a workout.

Alright, short and sweet today, let’s get it!

19 Minute Upper Body Shaper

The workout: FIrst and last exercise are done for 45 seconds to start and end each round. The middle section is timed at 30 seconds work : 13 rest.

Beast Burpees –  Start in a plank position with wide legs, do a renegade row on each side, hop your feet in to your hands, sit back into a squat and curl to press as you go to standing. Abs working!

Side Plank Rows R&L – Start in a side plank with a weight in front of your chest.  Top arm lifts the weight to shoulder height. Elbow goes up toward the ceiling. Abs working! Stay in a nice side plank.

Tri Dips – With hands on the end of your weights and elbows pointing straight back, bend them down to about 90 degrees and press back up to straight arms. Abs working!

Switch Curls – Sitting or standing, hammer curl the weights to your shoulders, lower slowly and ‘regular’ curl towards your shoulders(palms face your body). Alternate.

Plank Pulses – Basically a mini push up. You want to really focus on using your chest here! You’re doing a small range of motion. Abs working here! Even if you’re on  your knees.

Read Delt Raises – Start in a bent position, weight in your heels, with arms hanging down and at the center of you body. Use your rear delts(back of shoulder) and back to pull the weight up. Elbows go out to the side and slightly back like a very wide ‘V’.  Abs engaged and weight should be hip loaded, not in your lower back.

Sphinx Plank Burpees – Start on your forearms, press up to a full plank position, hop your feet in and then hop to the sky. Abs working!


You’ve got this! Enjoy:)


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


xx Niki