19 Minute Weighted Fat Melt

Here we are already at another Friday, it’s crazy to me how quickly these follow alongs come up every week! But also exciting because I lovee sharing them! One of the many reasons I’ve been making the entire Get Fit Guide into a series of follow alongs YouTube style! Those workouts are challenging and each about 27-32 minutes long so pair that up with my need to talk during follow alongs and I’m out of breath and dying well before half way through most workouts!

Anyways, today’s workout was used as my Get Fit Guide cardio day this week! It’s a fun way to mix things up if you’re used to doing lots o HIIT! All you need are some light weights here. This is not a strength workout, we’re using the weights within a HIIT and the intervals are 45 seconds long. If you choose a weight that’s too heavy, chances are you’ll burn out before the end of the interval! As always though, you can adjust mid workout if you have a few pairs of weights handy.

I’ll be using 12lb here (each weight is 12)! But ideally I would have had some 8’s or 10’s available! It really isn’t about having a heavy weight here.  It’s more about getting a good long, heart rate spiking interval.

As always with each exercise you want to have good form and a nice engaged core helps you to do that! So keep those abs working and move as quickly as possible with nice form! With all of these exercises, you can drop the weight if you need to! You’ll want to do your best to really move quickly if you drop the weight. Whether you’re using a weight or not, you’re crushing it just being here and putting in the effort! Keep moving, keep pushing and remember, you’re doing great things! You’ve got this!

So, I’m sure you’re ready to get nice and sweaty by now! As always, be sure to get in a nice warm up (there are some on my Sugarysixpack YouTube channel) and lets goo!


19 Minute Weighted Fat Burn


The workout:

45 seconds work : 12 seconds rest x 4 Rounds

Press Jacks


Pop Overs

Heel Hops


Let me know if you enjoy this one!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!