20 Min Bi & Tri Trimmer

Ok guys, here we are.. upper body! It’s one of the ones I don’t make follow alongs for often because, as you may already know, I don’t love it! It’s not my strength as far as workouts go but I have gotten to enjoy it a bit more as I’ve focused on it as an opportunity to improve! When we’re not so great at something that just means we have a lot of exciting improvement ahead of us if we continue to work on it! So, since I’ve taken that attitude, rather than dreading it all week, I’ve actually started to enjoy it and even occasionally be ready for upper body day (ready, not excited :D)!

I think it’s also worth talking about having a well rounded plan here. If you goals have nothing to do with upper body, you may think it’s better not to include it at all in your weekly plan. Definitely not true! We want a balanced and strong body! Including upper body in your week is so important! Having a strong core, back, shoulders and arms makes going through life easier! When we have to hold that baby or carry that box of stuff while moving, etc. Upper body is involved!

Soo let’s get to it! That upper body isn’t going to work itself! This is a great workout to specifically target the biceps and triceps (aka the ‘bat wing’ area).

20 Min Bi & Tri Trimmer

40 seconds work : 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds

7&7 Curl

Tri Dip March

March Curl

Hold & Curl

Kick & Curl Taps

Bridge Press Skull Crusher