20 Minute Fat Blat HIIT

Ok! It’s about to be the shortest post ever because I’m trying to leave and beat the roads icing and sleet starting! Apparently I didn’t look at the weather before making plans to travel back home and it’s one of our very rare freezing sleet days! Yay! Right now it’s still just rain and I’m on a mission not to get stuck in Charlotte instead of getting to see my family :D!

This workout had me struggling for breath at the end, yes I talk a lot during them, but still, great workout! The longer intervals are always a fun way to spice things up!

Remember, with HIIT, it’s all about giving YOUR best effort. No one else’s. As long as you’re pushing yourself and moving, your crushing it! Let’s do this guys! You’ve got it!

20 Minute Fat Blast HIIT

45 seconds work : 15 rest x 4 rounds

Bound & Plank Back – Start at one end of the yoga mat and broad jump to the other end. Lower down into a plank and walk yourself back to standing at the other end of the mat to start again.
Quick Foot Taps – Start on one side of the yoga mat, quickly tap each foot on the mat as you move laterally across. When you get to the other side, lower into a lunge to tap the floor before tapping the other direction.
Jack Leg Drop – Start at one end of the yoga mat with feet together like in the beginning of a jumping jack. Hop them wide and together like you would in a jumping jack while moving towards the other side of the mat. When you reach either end, drop into a squat, reaching for the floor before going back the other direction.
Double Jack Burpee – Start in a plank, do a plank jack (feet hop from together to wide then back together) then hop your feet in like a burpee but instead of hopping straight up in the air, hop your feet together then back out before going back down into a plank.
Kneel to Knee Drive – Start kneeling. Step one foot forward and press through that foot to come through standing and hop up, driving the other knee towards the sky. Send the knee driving leg back, then the weight bearing leg back so you are kneeling again. Alternate sides.

Ok guys, I’m rushing out! After I pack.. ah so last minute at the worst times haha!

I hope you enjoyed this HIIT and I know you crushed it!!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!