20 Minute Full Body Lean

It’s time for another fun and exciting workout! In that one sentence alone I had three typos. I accidentally cut my finger while cooking last night and since moving into our apartment almost 7 months ago, band aids have just never seemed important. Until now. When my finger is patched with paper towel covered athletic tape and is hitting every wrong key imaginable. This may be a short post! 😀

Anyways, like I said, workout time! Yay! Full Body Lean focuses on strength training. So no plyos here but we’ll still get in a good sweat, I promise!

I mention this in the video but it’s important to remember, all muscle is ‘lean muscle’. So workouts like these are a super important part of your fitness plan. When you put on muscle you shape your body to look ‘lean’ or ‘toned’(because of the muscle tone).

As with any workout, but especially when weights are involved, form is key here! We’re not rushing through this workout so focus on your form through each interval and really getting the most you can out of every rep!

20 Minute Full BodyLean

40 seconds work : 10 seconds rest x 3 rounds

Squat Curl

Step Back Press R&L

Side Lunge to Upright Row R&L

Anterior Reach Row R&L

Curtsy Extension


Let me know if you give it a try! Enjoy!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!