20 Minute Legs & Abs Sliding Shaper

Helloo friiends! Today’s post is brought to you by a workout that’s a bit different than the usual. No crazy intense HIIT, no heavy weights but lots of fun! So, if you’re looking for a little something to switch things up in your workout life, here’s a great one to try!

There are plenty of ways you can complete this workout. Obviously from my video you can tell that using a towel on any kind of slidy surface works well! But if you’ve got all carpet and you’re just dying to do this workout, you’re in luck! Paper plates and plastic shipping bags work well on carpet! Yes, actual sliders can be purchased and they aren’t even too pricey but, I’ve yet to do that so towels it is!

Using the sliders (or any of the above mentions slider substitutes) is going to feel a little bit different than doing these exercises as their normal body weight or weighted variety. It’s super important to keep in mind that keeping a strong, pulled in core is going to help you balance and stabilize (that’s always important but when one or both feet is on slidy things it’s always a good reminder :D).

Once you’ve done this a time or two and  you’re feeling pretty good, you can always up the intensity of the lunge variations by holding one weight at the center of your chest! 😀 I would definitely recommend going through it once with no weight (or at least practicing each exercise) just to be sure your balance and form on each exercise is good first!


20 Minute Legs & Abs Sliding Shaper



40 Seconds work : 10 seconds rest  x 3 rounds

Curtsy Lunges R & L – The foot on the slider is going back and across your body. Keep your abs engaged and your chest open, staying tall in your upper body through the movement. The slider is going to really force you to press up through that front foot and use the glute, so make sure your weight is out of your toes!

Pike Pull In – Starting in a forearm plank position, keep your abs tight end pulled in so that your back doesn’t dip or arch. Use your abs (hip flexors will be recruited as well) to pull your butt up in the air so that you’re almost in an upside down ‘V’. Legs bend slightly but are mostly straight through the move.

Side Lunges R & L – The foot on the slider is going out to the side as you sink down and back on the stationary leg. Keep your weight in the heel of the stationary leg here again. When pulling the slider leg back, the more you focus on lightly scraping the foot along the floor, the more inner thigh engagement you’ll get! Abs are engaged and chest is open.

Plank Crunch – Start in a forearm plank position with your knees on the mat. You are still fully stretched out/ extended here so abs should be engaged and working to hold you in a nice knee plank. Use your abs to pull your torso towards your knees, like a little crunch movement in plank position.

Forward Back Lunges R & L – The sliding foot is going to slide forward into a lunge then slide up through center and back behind you for a backwards lunge. Keep abs engaged for balance and chest open! If you have a hard time balancing through this move be sure to pick a spot to focus on rather than looking around!


Let me know how you enjoyed this! Anyone a big slider workout fan?


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


xx Niki