20 Minute Thigh Targeted HIIT

I’m currently writing this blog post at the pool, which may sound amazing but it’s because my internet has been out the past few days. That’s really been putting a damper on me getting things done! I’ve had to leave every time I wanted to upload a video, write a post, or pretty much do anything productive haha! So I’m trying to comfort myself by being at the pool, only problem is I’m pretty much sweating on my laptop and trying to squint through the glare as I write this..so please forgive any extra typos :D. Anyways, enough about mee, let’s get sweaty!


Here we are again, about to smash an intense HIIT together! I’m glad you’re here! This one is great, had me breathing heavy and ready for a rest in round one. So let’s just say you’ll be getting some quality HIIT time in today. Which is awesome. This HIIT is designed to engage your inner thighs a bit more than the usual cardio I share. Each exercise where you are hopping your legs out and then having to hop and pull them back together is going to engage those inner thighs! Look below for a description of the exercises and some tips! 🙂


20 Minute Fat Burning Thigh Targeted HIIT


38 Seconds work : 12 Seconds rest x 4 rounds


High Knee Reach – While doing high knees, reach for the ankle of the knee that’s coming up using the opposite arm. Remember to keep your chest open even when reaching and stay tall through your upper body.


Plank Jack – In a forearm plank, jump feet out wide into a ‘V’ and back together at center. The wider you jump your feet out, the more your inner thighs will have to engage to bring them back together!


Sumo Cross – Start in a sumo squat position, feet wider than hips, toes pointing out about 45 degrees and knees going the same direction as the toes. Squat down, weight in your heels, hop up and bring your feet together to cross at center. Alternate which foot goes in front each time.


Tap Ins – Start standing, straddling a weight, the corner of your mat or whatever object you’re tapping. Staying tall through the upper body and tight in your core, bring one foot in to tap the object then the other. Switch feet quickly as possible.


Heel Tap Burpee – Starting in a full plank position with feet together, hop feet in outside of your hands. When hopping up for your burpee, bring heels to tap together in the air then split feet and land like a normal burpee. Hop feet back to start. Abs engaged through the movement!


Froggies (Frog Hop) – Start in a full plank position with feet together. Hop feet in wide towards your hands. You want to hop them in almost like you’re hopping in to the bottom of a sumo squat. Allow your weight to sit back into your heels then hop your feet back and together. Keep abs engaged!


Ad some abs to this workout for a killer HIIT & Abs day! Try these if you want another follow along 10 Minute Toned Abs! And be sure to sign up for your free Six Minute Six Pack E-Book in the sidebar! 🙂




Sweat, Smile, Repeat!