20 Minute Upper Body Shape Up

Hey Everyone! 🙂 Welcome to a lovely 20 minute workout that hits all over your upper body and even works up a little sweat, all from the comfort of your mat!

The video and breakdown are at the end of the post.

So, I put a short clip of this up on Instagram and let everyone decide if they wanted me to make a full length version..and they did so here it is! That’s only important because I had planned on making it a full length all along but I got about 3 minutes in and quit.. Ah! I was pretty disappointed in myself to say the least.  The immediate though was,  “I’m supposed to be helping other get motivated and stay on track and I can’t even get myself to go through a 20 minute upper body workout today!?” So I went inside, had some lunch, did some work on the Get Fit Food Guide (which is now available) and decided that I would film it, but only if people actually wanted to use it :D. After the resounding yes(not gonna lie I was almost hoping that wasn’t the case cause I didn’t feel like doing it :D)), I picked myself up, went outside and struggled through the filming of this workout.

Sometimes we just don’t feel like it. It’s normal! Everyone has days like this, it’s how we respond to that feeling that really counts. You can skip every day that you’re not feeling motivated, or you can let your actions take control and start. Chances are that once you start, get your music on and get moving, you’ll get a solid workout in. Even if you weren’t in the mood before.

If you do happen to skip that workouts, it’s ok. I promise it’s not the end of the world. It’s not going to make or break your progress. You will be fine! As long as you decide that you aren’t going to let it turn into a big streak of falling off! It’s what we do most of the time that matters so do your best to stay on track, but don’t sweat the little things:)

The Workout


4 rounds [30 seconds work: 5 seconds transition: 20 seconds heart rate move: 10 second transition]
W extension
OVHD tri extension
Knee Fly R
Knee Fly L
Heart rate moves
Round 1: Pop overs
Round 2: Pike in
Round 3: Mtn Climb
Round 4: Pop up hop