23 Minute Lower Body Lean

Another Friday, another super sweaty follow along for you! It’s an exciting day! Besides, this awesome Lower Body Lean workout being shared, we also get to find out the gender of the baby today! 🙂 I’m a little bit nervous to know, I have no idea why! I’ve been convinced it’s a girl but since there is absolutely no real reason behind that, I could be wrong for sure! But anyways, back to the workout!

Ideally this workout is done with a pair of dumbbells but one way that you can modify it to be more beginner friendly is to drop the weights and do it all body weight! If you want to try it  but haven’t been working out very consistently, I would definitely give it a shot all body weight! That way you wont be crippled by soreness the next day from plyos and weights!

If you have been working out for a while, I would definitely encourage using the weight here! Weight will not make you look manly! It’s an amazing tool to help get the progress you want to see! Challenge those muscles to get stronger and grow so that they shape your body!

Remember, no matter what level you are, no matter how you modify or even if you have to take breaks during every interval of the last round, you’re moving towards your goals just by being here! SO keep up the amazing work, keep giving it you best every day and I’m cheering for you! You’ve got this!!

23 Minute Lower Body Lean

45 Seconds work : 12 seconds rest x 4 rounds

Shift Squat

Tap Back Lunge

Step Back & Lift

Three Way Sumo

DB Sumo DL or Sumo Squat

Kneel to Squat Jump or Step Back Lunge to Squat Jump

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!