24 Minute Full Body Fit

Ok guys, it’s time for some fun! Not that alll the workouts I post aren’t fun..right? 😀

This is a nice quick and effective weighted workout to get your sweaty, get your HR going and get your muscles burning! Make sure that you are challenging yourself with your weights but remember that these are somewhat long intervals! I slightly regret using 15’s instead of 20’s but I was feeling a little ‘eh’ and decided in light of being pregnant I should listen to my body extra carefully for the next few months! It never hurts to start challenging and drop down as it gets too tough later! That’s a great way to progress your weights! Just remember, it’s all about form! If the weight you’re using doesn’t allow for good form, you probably need to drop down!

First off, congrats for being here! I know I say this during the workouts but, every time you’re here and making an effort and every time you do that it adds up! Eventually getting you to where you wanna be, amaazing! Now time to crush it! You’ve got this!:)

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


24 Minute Full Body Fit

50 seconds work : 10 rest x 4 rounds
Deep Squat Curl
Front Raise Burpee
Sumo Reverse Press
Switch Lunge Press
Curtsy Side Curl
Sumo Lift & Hop