24 Minute Total Body Lean

It’s follow along time! Today’s workout is a 24 minute total body workout that’s going to get your heart rate going and your muscles working! It’s a great circuit that I used as my total body challenge day for The Get Fit Guide! My schedule is a bit off this week with Christmas Monday so follow along Friday didn’t fall on my HIIT cardio day like it usually does!

Weights are a super important part of any fitness plan! When I say weights, it doesn’t have to mean hard core, super heavy lifting that takes hours. If you use the Get Fit Guide, you know I like to get it done quick and effectively! Workouts like this are a great way to add resistance training into your schedule!

Adding weights has health benefits and aesthetic benefits too! It’s what creates that ‘toned’ look people talk about. What they’re really referring to is muscle tone. So as you put on some muscle and lower your body fat percentage you create that ‘look’! SO don’t be scared of picking up some weights! You won’t suddenly look like the hulk and you’re doing yourself a huge favor when you do!

24 Minute Total Body Lean

50 seconds work : 10 Rest x 4 Rounds

Weighted Burpee

Switch Row

Sumo Pulse Front Raise

Low Start Lunge & Curl

Lift & Hop

Split Press

I hope you enjoyed this workout! Let me know if you gave it a try here or on YouTube!

Also, I had the feeling no one was using the written descriptions of the exercises since there’s a full video, if you did, let me know and I’ll do them again! 😀

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!