4 Minute Single Leg Bridge Challenge

Single Leg Bridge Challenge | www.sugarysixpack.com

A normal bridge exercise has a lot of great benefits! Not only is it a great booty toner.. which is always a huge plus for me, it also opens up your hips at the top of the movement. Tight hips are a big problem for a lot of people! So, if you find yourself sitting at a desk all day, or just siting a lot in general this single leg bridge challenge is the perfect for you! Were going to use and shape the booty you’ve been sitting on and open up those hip flexors that have been gradually getting tighter and tighter! It’a s win-win! But, we’re going to take it up a notch further because this is a single leg brigade challenge. You’ll be using just one leg at a time to really isolate and use the muscles and burn them out for about a minute and a half of straight booty work.

The Single Leg Bridge Challenge

The Moves:
Single leg bridge hold, single leg pulses, single leg taps, single leg bridge with leg raise, single leg bridge hold
Each leg is working for about 1.5 minutes straight with no break! Each move is done for 20 seconds.

Modification: Change the single leg bridge hold to a normal bridge and do the same for the pulses, holds and taps. Change the single leg raises to a bridge march. Still go for no breaks!:)

Remember to keep your hips high at the top of the movement and squeeze your butt! You wanna get all you can out of each pulse/tap!
Keep your weight in your heels!
Try to keep the leg that is in the air straight!
If you’re modifying with regular bridge, try not to allow your knees to move laterally while doing the pulses and taps!
Turn on a great song and have fun during the challenge!:)

The ultimate challenge: If you’re feeling pretty good today and this was a breeze, see how many rounds you can get in until failure! aka you have to take a break during one of the non stop sets (alternating legs). How many can you do?!