5 Non Physical Benefits of Exercise

We all know that exercise comes along with physical or aesthetic benefits. A lot of times that becomes the main focus and reason for people getting into fitness, which is fine! It’s important to remember that consistent exercise comes with a lot of non physical benefits too! (As usual, video at the bottom!)

These non physical benefits of exercise are great to remember when we’re not feeling like we’re making progress as fast as we’d like, we’re letting stress get to us, we’re feeling a little lazy or tired or whatever and are contemplating skipping a workout. These are perfect times to get your sweat on and shift your focus! Let your mind be free from anything bothering you and just crush it!

Soo, on to some of my favorite non physical benefits of exercise!

Stress & Anxiety Management – Consistent exercise and even just a nice sweat session can really help with stress and anxiety. Working some of it out physically, using some of that energy in a more positive way and giving our mind a break from some of the more stressful tasks of life.

This one is really personal for me! When I was young, I had a real problem with stress management.  I was a tantrum throwing child (which in turn landed me lots of ‘in my room time’ lol) until about 9 years old when my parents decided to have me constantly involved in sports! Physical activity and expending energy legitimately helps me be a calmer less anxious person.. not that Id’ be throwing tantrums at 27 butttt.. it’s better this way :D!

Better Sleep – Consistent exercise helps you sleep better! Seems to make sense, right?

Mood Boost – It’s not only the feeling of accomplishment after a nice sweat session, your body has an actual chemical reaction that goes on and releases ‘happy’ hormones! Gotta love endorphins. Studies show exercise is an effective instant mood boost and over long term helps to manage depression and anxiety like we talk about above!

More Energy – Expending energy to have more energy may not sound like it makes sense but, that’s how it works! It’s also a bit connected to those endorphins mentioned above but when you get moving and get your blood pumping, it wakes your body up and in turn energizes you! Consistent exercise creates more consistent energy levels. Our body also gets used to what it’s asked to do. When we exercise consistently our body adapts. When lay around instead, our body is also adapting. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve taken extended time off I always feel sleepier through the day!

Confidence – Now this one is probably one of my favorites. People start out with a goal to look a certain way but find themselves feeling strong, amazing and more confident than ever because of the journey towards that goal rather than the actual achievement of it. Watching and feeling yourself get stronger, faster or more coordinated week after week because of your commitment, time and effort is an amazing thing. YOU build your strength day by day and get a chance to see just how much you can do. You push through tough challenges, you do things you thought you couldn’t and it helps you to see yourself in a new, positive way. This is one of the amazing things about fitness and exercise. It’s such a personal and positive journey!

Ok guys! My favorite non physical benefits of exercise, do you have some more!? I’d love to hear! And hope, of course that you enjoyed this and got at least a little something out of it!

5 Non Physical Benefits of Exercise

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!