6 Minute Abs

Today I present the 6 minute abs challenge! You can get a lot done in a little time with your abs, especially because this is a weighted abs challenge! So pick up a dumbbell (something fairly light- I’m just unsung a 5 lb one here) and let’s get to sculpting up some abs! After all, Spring Break and the start of beach season are only a few weeks away!

6 Minute Abs Move List

You’ll use your weight in all of these moves.

Roll Up– Lying flat on your back with arms extended towards the ceiling(holding weight in both hands) use your core to keep you tight and roll yourself up towards the ceiling and into a seated position. Legs stay out straight the entire move.
Russian Twist– Balanced on your butt with knees bent comfortably and feet lifted slightly off the ground twist your hands/core(holding the weight) from side to side tapping the ground(or close to it) on each side. Follow your hands with your head getting a full twisting movement.
Leg Climbers– Lying on your back with your arms extended towards the ceiling(holding the weight) knees bent and feet on the ground near your butt, extend one leg in the air and using your core reach towards the extended foot. Alternate sides.
Heel Taps– Holding the weight between your feet(works better with shoes), keep your knees bent at a right angle and lower your heels to tap the ground and raise them back up.
Twisted Toe Touch– With legs straight into the air and spread into a V and arms extended towards the ceiling(holding the weight) do a toe touch while twisting towards each foot. Alternate sides.
Extended Crunch– Lying on your back with the weight in your hands reach all the back above your head and have your legs extended straight out. Lift arms and legs slightly off the ground and then bring them into a crunch to meet at your torso. Extend back out not letting your feet or hands go to the ground.

6 Minute Abs Video