7.5 Min Shoulder Shaping Burnout

Burnouts!! These are quick but wonderful additions to any workout. They are generally targeted to one, maybe two, muscles and super short! The addition of burnout circuits is one of the changes that comes along in The Get Fit Guide’s second set of weeks, 13-24!

I shared this particular burnout in a short clip on Instagram about two weeks ago and had lots of requests for a full follow along so when I was about to do it after my GFG upper body workout, I decided to film it! Before you do this along with me,  I struggle! My shoulders are already tired and the burn is real! Soo when it gets tough, remember I’m dying too!

Another thing to remember here, you don’t need heavy weights! I mention this in the follow along video but I’m using 10s and drop to 5s for the majority of the last round because my shoulders are just that crushed! There is almost no rest once we start and we want to finish all 3 rounds so make sure to pick a weight that is challenging but doable, it never hurts to have an alternative nearby!

Ok guys, time to crush it!! And remember, even when it seems tough, you’ve got this! You’re here and you’re making progress and that’s what matters! Progress takes time and commitment, every time you show up, you’re getting one step close to your goal!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


25 seconds work : 5 seconds transition x 3 rounds

3 way Raise

Right Angle Press

Rear Delt Raise

Rotating Right Angle Press

V Raise

Shoulder Shaping Burnout