7 Minute Butt Lift

I haven’t shared a straight up glute burner in a little bit so it’s time to talk about how much we sit again! We sit at work, in cars, at home, while eating, it’s a lot! And it puts our glutes to ‘sleep’. When our glutes are ‘asleep’ it makes us much more likely to be quad dominant in everything we do, especially workouts. So while we may have the best intentions with out squats and other lower body exercises, are we really using the glutes to their max?!

Quick circuits like these can help! They’re great for targeting the glutes and helping us to make that mind muscle connection so that we know when we are actually engaging them.

Doing a few exercises like these or fire hydrants, kickbacks, pulses, etc. can really help to activate the glutes pre workout. Adding in a few before leg day or total body day can really help us to really engage our glutes because they’re fired up and ready to work before we start!

I used this circuit as a nice little burn out on my Get Fit Guide total body day. It was awesome in the best burning way! 😀

If you are pregnant as well and past the stage of laying on your back, be sure to check out the modifications at the end of the video! You’re going to use a chair, box, bosu, couch, swiss ball, etc. to raise yourself up! There are also alternatives to the bridge hold and march if those are too close to static lying position for you! 🙂

Let me know if you give it a try!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


7 Minute Butt Lift

3 x 30 seconds work : 5 seconds transition

Bridge March

Close Bridge

Wide Bridge

Bridge Hold