7 Minute Lower Ab Shape Up

It’s ab timee! I feel like I haven’t put up an ab workout in forever so it had to happen today! This one is nice, quick and targeted. I often get asked if I work my abs every day or if it helps to work your abs daily. That’s a definite no! I work my abs twice a week with quick 8-15 minute sessions after The Get Fit Guide HIIT workouts! Your abs need rest just like any other part of your body so you don’t want to hammer them daily in hopes that they will show up quicker.

Another big thing to remember about abs, we all have them! Their visibility depends on 1. if we work them and 2. our body fat percentage.

Basically sticking with a good all around workout plan and eating well the majority of the time is key. This is going to be true for all areas of your health and fitness progress!

Ab tips:

Really focus on using your lower abs here! The more you make that mind – muscle connection the more you get out of each workout!

You don’t have to go all the way to the ground for things like leg raises/lowers. If you start to feel it in your low back more than in you abs you should definitely shorten your range of motion!

Speed isn’t the goal. Go through the exercises at a consistent pace that allows you to engage the targeted muscles and feel them working. Going for speed can sometimes go along with sloppy form.

To help keep from loading your low back, use your abs to ‘press’ it to the mat rather than allowing it to arch!

40 seconds work : 7 seconds transition x 3 rounds

Leg Raise Pops

Hip Lifts

Single Tap Crunches

7 Minute Lower Ab Shape Up

I hope you enjoyed this workout and felt the burrn! Let me know how it was!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!