8 Minute Shoulders & Abs

Happy Friday Everyone! You may have noticed but every week I do #followalongfriday and add a little post to go with it 😀 This is week’s is a super quick workout that targets your shoulders and abs! So grab a light-ish pair of dumbbells and let’s go!

We all have days every once in a while when we are super busy and maybe don’t have time to get our normal half hour or hour of working out in. That’s ok! One thing that I like to do on those days is squeeze in something super short that gets my body moving. It’s amazing what even a quick 8 or 10 minutes can do for you mentally and physically. Especially because those busy days tend to be ones that are a little bit stressful. Just getting in a little movement can have a positive impact on the rest of the day. Whether it’s something like this or a quick higher intensity workout, you’ll never regret squeezing it in!

If you’re not short on time and are looking for a way to incorporate this into your workout schedule, here are a few of my workouts it goes great with! 🙂

An all upper body day: 20 Minute Upper Body Shape Up

Total body day: 19 Minute Butt & Thigh Shaper

All abs: 12 Minute Ab Sculpt

Cardio &abs: 15 Minute Fat Burn

A note before starting: Don’t be afraid to adjust your weight! If you start out and feel that it’s too hard or even too easy adjust as needed! As with all weighted workouts, you want to pick a weight that challenges you but doesn’t burn you out in the first round! You want to be able to crush the whole workout:)

8 Minute Shoulders & Abs:

The Workout:

3 rounds x 30 seconds work :10 seconds break

Suitcast Press

Hip Pop Hold

Scissor Reach

Wide Hold Taps


Be sure to check out my free e book Six Minute Six Pack! It pops up on the screen after a few seconds! There’s nine ab workouts in there!

Sweat, smile, repeat!

xx Niki