ACE Personal Trainer Exam Passed..Feels Like a Christmas Miracle!

I just passed the ACE personal trainer exam! It’s a Christmas Miracle!! Ok, so maybe it’s more the result of studying like crazy the past few days (keeping me from posting here as much:/) but it feels like a Christmas Miracle! The weight of the world is off my shoulders, sounds ridiculous but my goal was to pass this thing the first time and I did a little bit of procrastination, which if anyone is in the process of studying for this exam I do not recommend! Stay on top of it so the week leading up to it isn’t a horrible nightmare of muscles, training progressions and late night studying resulting in no sleep. Anyways so the real point of this to get some stuff down that I felt was important in case some people are at a loss of where to start studying. Here’s my thoughts:

-Progressions came up a lot, especially balance ones
-Muscles weaknesses/ tightness that can cause kyphosis and lordosis and just know about those 2 in general
-There was a lot about blood pressure, know what good/bad numbers are for diastolic and systolic
-The movement screens and what they identify
-There were examples where it gave a person’s statistic BP, RHR, Cholesterol, BMI, waist circumference etc and asked what you should do when they want to start a program, what is the concern from their stats or how many risk factors they have for a certain disease.
-Core stability and mobility are pretty important
-Stages of learning came up a few times as well as behavior chance
-Ways to promote adherence through situational questions
-Also, don’t get crazy caught up in memorizing all the information they throw at you in CH 1 of the exercise science book. It’s important to have a good idea of the muscles/ joints and where they are/what they do for the questions but I got a little too stressed over thinking I had to memorize them

As of right now those are the main points that I’m remembering being on the test! I really really recommend doing the study emails they send as you go along. That’s all I used to study and I got a 691 and you only need a 500(studying them more than just a few days before will probly get you a higher score since I only got through CH14.. they really are good). I wish I would have done them as I read so that I could just have a study guide ready for me at the end! That would be my main tip for passing, do the ‘what you will learn’ points as you read the chapters and you’ll have an great SG to review before the test! Good luck to anyone else taking it and I hope I’ve helped a little!:)