Adidas x PopSugar Event & LA Meet Up!

Soo this trip started out pretty crazy and ended the same way! I woke up at 5:50 am to catch my 8:30 flight ( I am notttt a morning person!) headed to the airport and was met with a late plane. It’s ok though, I love exploring airports so I walked around and ate some breakfast! Finally we board and take off on our short flight from Charlotte to Atlanta (about 40 minutes) and not 10 minutes into it, we’re told we have to land because we hit a flock of birds! I’ve never know anyone to hit birds and have to land immediately after take off, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I ended up getting what 8 hours in the airport before even leaving where I started my trip! It was crazy. My final destination was Burbank, the smaller airport near LA that’s way less crowded. So I was pretty excited despite the fact that I was showing up 10 hours later than I was supposed to!

I got to Burbank and went to wait for my luggage only to find out that it never left one of my added layovers. So I was in LA and my bags were in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lost luggage was also a first for me and Burbank at 10 pm was not the place to be looking for help. The airport was completely empty! No staff to be found. So I spend my night on the phone with Delta and running to a 24 hour target just to have some clothes so I could shower! This was already the most interesting trip I’d been on and it had just started!

Luckily Adidas had sent and outfit for me to wear to the event the next day, otherwise it would just be me in my dirty airport clothes! The Adidas x Popsugar event was for the UltraBoost X shoe! If you wanna know more about it, check out my full review! 🙂 At the event we hiked one of the trails at Griffith Observatory up to the top where we did a Pound workout. It was this crazy thing where you had to drumsticks and incorporated them into sequences that included squats & ab work. We don’t have anything like that where I live so it was definitely an experience doing that kind of workout on the top of a mountain (everything was so beautiful because LA has had so much rain this year, I’ve never seen it so green!).

The real fun started when I was able to meet one of my Insta friends! Christi came out to the adidas event and I was lucky enough to spend some time hiking and getting to know here before leaving that day! We even got this lovely selfie to document it. 😀 Possibly not my most flattering picture, but that’s the Hollywood sign back there! (notice the green, if you’ve never been there it’s usually all dust!!)


The next day was pretty exciting because I had a super last minute meet up hike back at Griffith Park! I fully expected it to be me and my brother hiking alone because I put it out the day before and it was looking like more rain was about to roll in. I was soo excite that I got to meet a few more awesome Insta (Mallory, Elaina & Amy) friends! And of course get some pictures with them before and after the hike! I had so much fun getting to know these ladies better as we hiked through the drizzle!




Then as we were walking to our car I was so lucky Bre’get spotted us! The Griffith Park traffic that it caused her to miss us at the start of the hike but I’m so glad we were able to meet for a bit after!



After having such and awesome two days of meeting new friends, hiking (finally getting my suitcase 3 days later) and of course the awesomeness of seeing my brother, I was struck with some kind of crazy sickness! I blame the fact that I didn’t have my vitamin C, greens and saline spray that I usually travel with since it was in my suitcase :D. The real struggle was that I had to fly back across the country the next day sick. I have to admit I felt super guilty for heading into an airport sick and tried my best to only breathe on myself. I spend most of my 4 hour layover laying on the airport floor and hoping not to fall asleep and miss my flight! In the end of course I made it back and spend about 7 days sick in Charlotte. Perfect end to a trip right?! But I had such an awesome trip that a little bit of sickly-ness can’t put a damper on it!


I’m definitely looking forward to doing some meet ups in Seattle, San Diego and Charlotte after the Wanderlust 108 festivals I’ll be a run lead on! If you’re in those areas be sure to let me know! 🙂


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!