Amaze Abs and Boosted Booty

We all want our abs and booty to look great! There’s a lot of different things that go into that happening, one of them being training(another very important one is nutrition but we won’t get into that here). When training a muscle it’s important to hit it from lots of different angles and challenge it in ways that are new from time to time so that you don’t hit a plateau. Two ways to do that are to add weight and try new moves, you may be doing one or both with this workout depending if you’ve tried moves like this before!

Each of these moves can be done without added weight and they are still very effective that way! If these moves are new to you(especially the ab moves) it may be good to start without weight and go from there!

Amaze Abs and Boosted Booty Moves

Go through the circuit 3-4 times. Try to wait for a break until the end of a full round!

Bent Leg Press- 20 each leg- On all fours, have one foot flexed and press from under you to the sky.
Dead Bugs -15 each leg – On your back with legs lifted and bent to 90 degrees lower one leg at a time to tap the heel to the ground. All movement should come from the hips as the knees stay bent at 90.(Start without weight if you are newer to moves like this or you feel it in your back at all)
Straight Leg Press – 20 each leg- On all fours straighten one leg and lift it slightly past level with your butt. It should stay straight the whole movement.
Scissors – 15 – on your back with both legs straight, have one hovering above the ground and the other straight towards the ceiling. Switch them back and forth. (don’t use weight if you feel this in your lower back at all)
Frog Pulse- 20 – Lying on your stomach with your legs bent and out to the sides, have you heels together and pulse your legs towards the ceiling.
Bicycles – 15 each leg- Lying on your back have one leg bent into your chest and the other straight out and hovering over the floor. Lifting the opposite shoulder up to the pulled in knee twist up towards it. Repeat with other side by switching the position of your legs.
Fire Hydrant Extension – 15 each leg- On all fours and keeping your leg bent lift it up and out to the side of your body, once at the top of the range of motion, straighten the leg then bring it back to bent and lower it down.
Reverse Crunch Pop Up – 15- Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor, crunch your bent legs in towards your chest and then use your abs to pop your hips off the ground while pushing your heels to the ceiling. Then lower them back to starting position.

Amaze Abs and Boosted Booty