Butt Shaping Workout

We are all about the glute burn today! This workout is a quick 10 minute burnout that you can use after a leg or total body day to really get that booty burning!

Exercises like this are also great to throw in before a lower body or total body day as activation exercises (more like 1 round of this).  This is good for everyone but especially if you find that you are more quad dominant and have trouble recruiting the glutes in your workouts. When we do a few activation exercises pre workout, we warm those glutes up and get them firing so that they’re ready to go and we’re connected to them through the mind muscle connection. It’s a million times easier to connect and make sure you’re recruiting a muscle that you are actually in touch with! That way you aren’t fumbling around in the dark hoping the glutes just pop on during your squats!

Anyways, today these are put together in a nice little burnout. All you need is 10 minutes and a band!

I like to recommend adding burnout exercises like these in twice a week, three times if you really want to. For me, it’s on lower body and one of my total body days.  The Get Fit Guide & Body Weight Fit plans in app have them worked in for you where they should be and the Get Fit Guide PDFs have a few circuits to choose from as well!

It’s important to remember that these are not the only type of lower body exercises you want in your plan! A good combination of these and compound exercises like squats, lunges etc are what you want!

Soo, let’s get to the glute shaping!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Butt Shaping Workout

35 seconds work: 5 seconds transition x 3 rounds

Diagonal Tap Back R&L
V Taps R&L
Sumo Walk