Chest and Shoulder Yoga is Sweet Relief

Chest and shoulder yoga. Release the tension built up in your shoulders and chest with these great poses!

Your shoulders and chest are an area that can easily become tight and feel strained or cause postural problems. The shoulders are also major area that carries tension in most people! We sit hunched at desks and computers for so much of the day that it’s great to stretch out and feel all of the tension slowly leaving! Thats what these chest and shoulder yoga poses are for! Opening up these areas can make a world of difference in your posture and how you feel through the entire day. And the crazy thing is, most people don’t take the time to stretch! It’s a very overlooked but very important part of any fitness routine since it keep us flexible and able to have full range of motion! Take a few minutes to try these poses and feel the stretch and the stress release that comes with loosening up those hard to reach and super tense areas of your upper body. You’ll be glad you did!