Chocolate Chip Oat Bake

Heyyy everyone! Welcome to what I’ve been eating for all my snacks the past few days! Which is not good just because of lack of variety! Fruit?? What’s a fruit? 😀 But really, I love these, all I can say is try to do better than me and keep them to once a day rather than every snack for 2 days! Sometimes I just get carried away.

Before I get started here there’s a giveaway going on to win some Vital Protein Collagen Peptides on my Instagram (SugarySixPack) which is what I use in this recipe! The winners will be chosen Saturday (3/25) so head there for a chance to win some for you and a friend! 🙂

This recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients, which is how I like my recipes. I’ve been calling these my Chocolate Chip Oat Bake because though they’re made like muffins they just don’t seem overly muffin-y to me, you know? They’re not puffy and round on top, they’re a bit more dense. I’m not sure what they’re most like soo yeh, they’re a not a muffin, not a cake, they’re a bake. Oat bakes, yum! I just can’t call them muffins haha!

Regardless of what I call them, they’re tasty and that’s pretty much all that matters when I’m eating them. I love these because they’re date sweetened, which is an amazing and unprocessed way to sweeten anything up. I use dates in everything from Almond Flour Brownies to sweetening my overnight oats, having date paste on hand is also a great alternative to raw honey! Dates also have fiber, potassium and other benefits that processed sugary just can’t beat.

Besides being processed sugar free, these have oats to add whole grains, some coconut oil for a little healthy fat and of course collagen peptides or whey adding a nice little protein boost. This may be my new pre workout snack for while now that I just described them they sound pretty perfect for that. 😀

Anyways, enjoy baking these deliciously healthy treats!

Chocolate Chip Oat Bake Ingredients:


Food processor or blender  & muffin tins ( I’m not sure how they would turn out if you rolled them like cookies, it would be a messy process, cause they’re sticky!)

12 Pitted Medjool Dates ( These are the bigger ones! You’ll need to adjust to a lot more if you use non medjool dates!)

1/3 Cup Almond Milk ( or choice of milk)

1.5 Cup Rolled Oats ( I like to soak and dehydrate them first but that’s optional and a rather long process!)

1/2 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips ( the darker the better! Mine we’re 63% cacao)

1 Tbsp Coconut oil (if you don’t want any coconut oil taste, you’ll need to use a lightly refined variety!)

1/2 Cup Protein Powder ( I use Vital Proteins collagen peptides. It’s unflavored and you don’t even know it’s there! Amazing! Other protein can be used as well but whatever your protein tastes like is going to have a big impact! When using regular protein, like whey, cut to 1/4 a cup at first and gradually add more. You want the batter to be sticky)


Chocolate Chip Oat Bake Directions:


In your food processor, pulse dates a few times then add almond milk and allow to process until smoothly mixed.


Add oats and process until well mixed.



Add Vital Proteins collagen peptides (or other protein) and process until well mixed. This is what the Collagen Peptides looks like in case you’re wondering!

Pour mixture out into a mixing bowl.

Add dark chocolate chips to the food processor and pulse them for a few seconds so they break into even smaller chunks (for real pulse the chips for 5-6 seconds, it doesn’t take long). This step may be tempting to skip but it makes it much nicer when the chocolatey goodness is spread out more! Also, I just threw them in the dirty processor, it’s the same recipe. Simpleness is amazing.



Mix chocolate into the batter. Make sure they’re all good and spread out! See what I mean about pulsing them in to little chips? They can take over the batter instead of feeling like you need more chocolate!



Separate into muffin tins. Fill them up about half way, the mix doesn’t move much so whatever you put them in like is how they look when finished. Pat them down and smooth for prettier muffins!



Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes. I got 13 muffins out of the recipe.


Let me know if you enjoyed these! 🙂


Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


xx Niki