Chocolate Covered Almonds


Guys, I know you love chocolate covered almonds! Who doesn’t? They’re amazingly goods and you’re being healthy (almonds) and getting to eat chocolate at the same time! Win- win!Plus, making them at home, like this recipe, takes the healthiness to a whole new level. You can control everything that goes into them. So no preservatives, added sweeteners or other crazy ingredients. Just chocolatey almond deliciousness. Anyways, I’m sure by now you’re just ready to eat them so let’s get started here..

What You’ll Need:

Almonds- Raw or roasted, just depends on your preference!
Semi sweet or dark chocolate chips
Parchment paper- you can do without this but it makes cleaning up so much better!

What to Do:
So this is a very simple recipe and its quick! Have your parchment papered pan ready..
– Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or on the stovetop on low heat. If you do them in the microwave make sure that the bowl is big enough to fit all of your almonds in it with the melted chocolate. Also, check the chocolate every 30 seconds or so and stir it to avoid cooking it too long in the microwave. It melts quick!
-Once the chocolate is all melted, pour all of you almonds into it and stir them around until they’re covered completely. Then pour them out onto the pan. An alternative to this is laying out your almonds first and then spooning melted chocolate onto them. This allows you to have more chocolate on each almond(awesome right? )but, it takes a little longer
-Once it’s melted and on the almonds just let them harden..or don’t because they’re so good either way!