Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin, and Health

Coconut oil can do soo many great things and the best part about it is it’s 100% natural! Here are just a few awesome uses for Coconut oil in your life:

Eye Makeup Remover– Use a small amount on a cotton pad/cotton ball and gently rub off eye make up after washing your face. It’s moisturizing and you aren’t putting harsh chemicals on that sensitive part of your face and it’s also said to be good for fine lines around the eyes.
Anti Frizz Serum– Just rub a tiny bit in your palms and then on your trouble spot! If you use too much it will make your hair look greasy.
Deep Conditioner– Put in dry hair and leave for 30-45 mins before washing out for smooth, shiny hair.
Oil Pulling– Whitens teeth and helps will an array of health issues just by swishing around in your mouth for for 10-15 minutes. (like the oil cleanse face wash for your mouth)
Benefits of Eating a Spoonful a Day– Helps with digestion, increased energy, helps burn fat/ with weight loss, helps absorb calcium& magnesium (yay for bone&teeth health!), helps prevent infections because of the lauric acid it contains, is beneficial for brain function and much more.
All Natural Chap stick& Body Lotion– Just apply!
Cooking– Subbing coconut oil for butter, oils, Crisco, PAM makes your dish a little healthier!

Make sure that you’re getting organic coconut oil so your know exactly what it is! These are just a few of the many things coconut oil can replace or improve. It can be combined with other home ingredients to make things like deoderant, sunscreen and more, it’s amazing!

coconut oil