Creating Belief in Yourself & Why it Matters

Welcome to the wonderful world of believing in yourself! It’s fun, it’s productive and it helps life be a whole lot more pleasant. This was something that took time for me to work on and I think a lot of us feel like it doesn’t come naturally. We don’t like people that are cocky or full of themselves, it’s annoying and we most definitely don’t want to come across that way so we often take it to the other extreme. I’m not asking you to act like a jerk 😀 just to remember that you are capable of amazing things and it’s time you start believing it! (As always, video at the bottom!)

The silly example I use in the video is of my trying to find something in my bag last weekend. I was in the dark and stuck my hand in, unsure if I had forgotten to pack the item I was looking for. My searching lasted about 5 seconds because I was like ‘eh maybe it’s not even there’. Later in the day I realized I most definitely packed it and it was in my bag, I just hadn’t found it. So I went back in again and stuck my hand in rummaging around (why I don’t just actually look and move stuff, i dont know :D) knowing 100% that I would find it because it’s in there and I did. I kept going because I knew I was going to accomplish what I wanted. This is what starts to happen when we develop a strong belief in ourselves! We keep going when we may have given up before because we know we can eventually get that goal or project done. The example may be silly but I promise it’s true!

Here’s some things that helped me develop a stronger belief in myself (and still do).

Tips for Creating Belief in Yourself

Appreciate the things you do well. – It’s easy to overlook things that we’re naturally good at. It comes easy to us so it probably does to most other people too right? Nope! My youngest brother can look at some crazy computer or math concept and understand it in 2 seconds.. I may never get it. My middle brother has the social skills that put him at ease with anyone anywhere.. I can get awkward sometimes. They both think these things are normal! I look at them as gifts and skills. We need to start remembering that our innate talents aren’t something to be overlooked! You’ve got some pretty great stuff going for you so instead of only focusing on what skills or abilities you wish came easy to you, remember to appreciate the ones that do! Some people wish for them!

Learn from mistakes but don’t dwell on them. – It’s important to learn from past mistakes and see what we can do better in the future. Once that’s done it’s time to let it go! We can sabotage ourselves by replaying a tape in our mind of one tiny little mistake or misstep. The problem with this is it’s not productive and it makes us feel horrible over something that usually isn’t even a big deal! Learn what you can from the situation and move on!

Feed your mind with positivity. – This may seem silly or too simple to work but I promise it is so worth the effort! Follow people that inspire you, read positive books, listen to positive or motivational YouTube videos and vlogs. What we fill our mind with is what our mind gives back to us! I do one or more of these things every single day and the impact it has made on my life is amazing! Fill your mind with a world view that you want to have. Our attitude is shaped by what we fill our heads with!

Replace negative thoughts. – This is a bit of a piggy back off of the last tip! When we have a negative thought that isn’t serving us and isn’t productive, replacing it with something positive helps! Again what we let fill our mind, will keep filling it! Another thing to think about, there’s always something going on in our heads, our brain doesn’t generally just sit idle without a thought. So instead of ‘trying to avoid negative thoughts’ this can really help to fill your head with positive ones and shift your focus! The example I gave in the video was of a day when you wake up and feel like nothing looks good, your hair is a mess and you just can’t get it together. Pick something you do love about yourself to focus on instead! “I love my smile!” rather than “jeeze what a horrible hair day, I always have these!”.

Remember that other’s opinions don’t define you. – It can be tough, especially in a social media world where people feel the need to comment, tweet or post their opinion on other’s feeds. It’s safe behind an anonymous screen name. Don’t worry about them! If you’re just minding you own business, not doing anyone any harm, the problem is within them not you! So remember, their opinion doesn’t have to affect your day, mood or attitude towards yourself!

These are some of the things that helped me to be more confident in myself and my abilities! I hope that one or more of them can help you too!! I will add that being a Christian and remembering that not everything is in my control and that I’m not relying on just my own strength is something that helps me as well! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Creating Belief in Yourself & Why it Matters