Drop It Like A Squat Challenge

Welcome to the drop it like a squat challenge! Where it only takes 3 minutes for you legs and butt to be on fire and squatting can be fun!(who knew?) Doing regular body weight squats can be a little boring but when you mix it up with different variations it becomes a lot more interesting and more beneficial! This workout is nonstop squat variations once you start and it is going to tone your legs in no time!
Another awesome benefit is it’s body weight training so you don’t need any equipment! Adding this three minute squat challenge into your workout 3-4 times a week(preferably on non consecutive days since it’s not ideal to work the same muscles in the same way daily) will do wonders for your thighs and butt. Using different variations will target all over your legs rather than just doing the same type of squat over and over. As an added bonus you’re going to get a little bit of cardio in too because by the end you’ll be out of breath! A 3 minute challenge may not seem like a lot but once you get into it you’ll feel the burn! If you’re really a squat pro and 3 minutes just isn’t cutting it go through it 2-3 times with a small break between. That’s another great benefit of it only being 3 minutes, It can be made into an even more killer, full interval workout by doing the challenge, giving yourself a short rest and doing it again. This will definitely not be ideal for anyone just starting though because once through is tough! Anyways, on to the challenge! How’d everyone do?

The Moves:
Squat, Chair Squat, Chair Side Taps, Sumo Squat, In&Out Squats, Heel Taps, Squat Hops, Spin Squats

What You’ll Do:
Every move is done for 20 seconds with no break in between for a total of 3 minutes!

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