Dumbbell Leg & Butt Shaper

Welcome back to another lovely workout! Today is all about the lower body and all you need a 1 heavier dumbbell or a pair of lighter ones! Honestly this can be done with your body weight if you’d rather but make sure whatever weight (or lack of weight) you choose, it’s a challenge for you! You should be sweaty and your legs should be tired by the end of this quick 22 minute burner!

Be sure to go at a pace that allows good form! 🙂 Form first then speed!

And remember, every time you’re here, putting in work, you’re doing great things for your body! So keep going and stay strong towards those goals!

Sweat, smile, repeat!


45 seconds work: 10 seconds rest x 3 rounds
Shifted Sumo Deadlift
Alternating Step Back Lunge
Pause Squat Calf Raise
Shift Squats R&L
Sumo March
Squat to Deadlift

22 Minute Leg & Butt Shaper