Easy Tips for Staying on Track

Today’s post is something that is super important! We all want to have a healthy lifestyle, feel good about ourselves and get strong but often we find ourselves in long spurts of ‘on’ and ‘off’ track. The goal is to create a fitness life that we can enjoy maintaining as part of our life in the long term. Of course there will always be days when we get off track but the goal is not to have weeks off and suddenly wonder what happened! I’ve put together some of my favorite tips that help to make a fitness routine sustainable in the long run (even if it’s not running 😀 ok, probably not funny).

Easy Tips for Staying on Track

  • Have a plan. Knowing what you’re doing before the workout session stars maximizes your time and minimizes stress! Create or purchase a plan! (check The Get Fit Guide :D)
  • Be flexible (with said plan). There will be days when things happen and you can’t control it. Just go with it! One shortened or missed workout won’t ruin the progress you’re making by being consistent most of the time!
  • Connect your goal to something YOU care about. Just because your neighbor’s goal is a giant gym booty, doesn’t meant it has to be yours.
  • Schedule your workout in. Planning to work out but not knowing when you’ll squeeze it in is a recipe for a skipped workout! Usually gets pushed back until suddenly it’s time to go to bed! Plan it into you day!
  • Make it fun! Forcing yourself to run when it’s the activity you dread most on the entire planet is not going to make you excited to stick to your workout plan. There are a million ways to get to your goals. Make sure the path you choose is one that you enjoy.
  • Create accountability. Whether it’s making a calendar that you check of each day or texting a friend after each workout, having some sort of accountability plan adds a little push to keep up with it!
  •  Acknowledge accomplishments and reward yourself in small ways. We are quick to crush ourselves when we skip a workout or indulge but we rarely take time to acknowledge our small accomplishments. Take a second for a little mental pat on the back post workout, pick something that you really felt good about and focus on it!  It also helps to reward yourself for a day or week on track! It can be as small as allowing yourself 10 minutes on your favorite site after a workout well done!
  •  Give it time & be persistent. WE WANT PROGRESS AND WE WANT IT NOW! But it takes time and consistency to start seeing change. Don’t give up!


Soo the video goes more in depth here but all of these are ways that you can help yourself to keep up with a fitness routine. A lot of it is things that we do in our minds or outside of the actual workout. It may seem crazy but this type of mental preparation can be soo helpful in making the path to our goals more pleasant and more effective!

The last one is so key. A lot of times we feel like we aren’t making any progress or give up because it’s not happening fast enough. Give it time and keep going! You’re going to get there. Keep pushing yourself, stay consistent and watch the magical fitness progress begin! Remember, it can take weeks to start noticing progress so don’t give up! You’ve got this!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!