Fat Blast HIIT

It’s time to sweeeat! This workout can be done with or without weights, with water bottles, cans etc. Whatever you have! If you use weights, make sure they are light! We’re going to be moving them around at a pretty quick pace so we don’t want anything too heavy. I have 5 lb little plates (dumbbells work best) because I didn’t have a dumbbell lighter than 15. Really though, light is better here! We’re going for a more heart rate intensive workout than strength.

Like I said before, we’re going to be moving these weights around pretty quickly to get that HR going. One thing to keep in mind here because we’ll be moving fast and the weights are light, is to keep good form and don’t let your movements become jerky. You want to keep control, especially in the upper body here. Pay close attention to form through the whole workout! If you find yourself getting jerky, drop the weight!

If not using weight, just do the exact same movement, even the upper body!

15 Minute Fat Blast HIIT

45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest x3 rounds

Pop up Punch – Start in a plank position gripping dumbbells (or hands next to weight on floor and grab it once hopped in). Hop your feet in to your hands, sit back into the bottom or a squat and do a cross body punch each way. Weights to the ground and hop feet back to start.
Squat Jack Combo – Holding weights down and in front of your body, drop down into a squat. Hop feet together as you curl and press the weight. Lower back to starting.
Jack Leg Press – One weight is held at your chest and feet together. As your feet hop out to the side, press the weight away from your body in front of you.
Press Jack Hop – Set your weights a foot or 2 apart. Stand behind one, drop down, pick up the weight and go straight into a press jack(feet together, pressing the weight overhead). Set the weight down and hop sideways to the other weight. Repeat.
OVHD Tap Ins – Hold one weight overhead(or at chest level if that’s uncomfortable). Stand slightly behind the other with a foot to each side of it and quickly tap one foot then the other in towards the other weight.

I hope you enjoyed this and got nice and sweaty! I surely did! 😀

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!