Fat Burn & Flat Abs Video

Happy Friday! Today’s workout is a nice little combo of HIIT and ab work. It’s similar to something I would do on my The Get Fit Guide HIIT days! And I have to mention that the Get Fit Guide is one video away from being completely YouTube style follow along videos along with the e-book version 🙂 They’re in your members area!

We’re going to get our heart rates going and burn some fat for 20 minutes and finish up with a quick 7 minute ab burner. This workout actually flew by for me. Sometimes I can get a little bored with cardio, I end up doing the same few moves over and over, and while they’re super effective at crushing my heart rate, it’s not always exciting. Today I was feeling creative and this one is definitely fun. The 20 minutes flew by for me, so I hope they do for you too!

You don’t need any equipment here besides a mat for the ab work! All of the HIIT exercises are body weight. Get ready for some super sweaty fun! You’ve got this!

Fat Burn & Flat Abs



Fat Burner

38 seconds work : 12 seconds rest x 4 rounds 

Go for speed in these intervals! Push yourself to give it everything you’ve got during each one! 🙂

High Knee Drop – Run high knees as quickly as possible and drop into a squat when I call ‘drop’!  Abs engaged and standing tall during those high knees! If you use this on your own just drop every 4-8 seconds!

Cross Jack – Feet start in a wide jumping jack position and hop in to cross at the center. Hands can go wherever is comfortable for you. Be sure to keep your abs engaged and stay tall/long through your torso.

Plank Jack Tuck – Starting in a plank with legs together, hop them wide then back in. When I call ‘tuck’ your’re pulling your knees into your chest and quickly popping them back out to a plan position. If the tuck is a little too challenging start by doing a hop in and building up. (hop in- hop your feet in to almost under your chest). Abs are working to keep your in a nice plank through this whole move! If you use this on your own just tuck every 4-8 seconds!

Front Tap – Quickly tap one foot forward then the other. Nice and speedy here everyone! Stay tall with abs engaged.

Star Hop Drop – Start with feet together knees slightly bent in a quarter squat and arms at your chest. Hop your feet wide while shooting your arms out and up to the sides so that you’re in a star shape. When I call ‘drop’ you’re going into a burpee. Quick hops! If you use this on your own just drop every 4-8 seconds!

High Knee Butt Kick – Start with feet wider than  hips. Bring your knee up and towards the center of your body in a high knee run while also bringing your heel up to kick your butt, alternate as quickly as possible.  Staying nice and tall with abs engaged.


Ab Burner

40 seconds work : 7 seconds transition x 3 rounds

Be sure to keep your abs working during these movements rather than dumping into your lower back! Use the abs to press your lower back down to the mat.

Pop Crunch – Start lying on your back with knees bent and lifted at about 90 degrees. Use your abs to pull your chest towards and knees together for a crunch. Your shoulders and butt should lift off of the ground.

V Roll Up – Start lying on your back with hands reaching to the sky and legs in a ‘V’ position. Use your abs to help you roll up to a seated position and reach to one of your feet. Alternate sides.

Legs Up Twist – Start lying down with your lower back pressed to the ground, keeping legs straight and soles of the feet to the sky. Reach with one arm to the outside of the opposite foot. Repeat on the other side.


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Sweat, Smile, Repeat!