Fat Burning Stair or Step HIIT

This would have been an amazing workout to film outside on the curb! I was really debating it even though I live in an apartment complex with constant people and cars coming and going. In the end I was thinking either I would be too in the way or the people would be too curious what was going on with the crazy tripod girl :D.

So this one can be done on a the bottom step on your stairs, a curb or an actual step. It’s a great 20 minute fat burning HIIT and was my The Get Fit Guide 2 cardio day choice! Yayy fun!

I get asked a lot what I do for cardio and this is generally the basic layout. I do some sort of HIIT, whether it be a body weight one like this or running hill sprints, I like to keep my cardio days short and sweet. No long slow steady state for me!

Definitely keep in mind that you want to be using something sturdy here! I actually went out and got this step at Walmart once I realized I wasn’t wanting to film outside with all my apartment friends watching and I have no inside stairs that will work! I debated using this little stool that I have from when I was about 10 years old but I really wasn’t in the mood the break it and get hurt LOL.

You’re also going to want to keep your eye on the step during the workout. It’s got some hopping on and off the step and if you aren’t sure where it is, chances of tripping on it go wayy up (I promise, just watch me do it while I quit looking in the video – eyes on the step!).

Anyywayys, let me know how you liked this if you try it out!

Fat Burning Step HIIT

30 Seconds Work : 13 Seconds Rest x 4 Rounds

Step Burpees –  Basically a regular burpee but you hop up onto the step rather than just hopping! Be sure to know where you step is!

Quick Steps – Try to do these as quick as possible! Step each foot up then each foot down! Switch which foot you start with each interval (or at least make sure each foot starts 2 of the 4 intervals).

Knee Drives R&L – One foot is up on the stair/step and the other steps back to the ground behind you. Press through the foot on the step to come to standing and hop in the air, driving the back knee. If you have trouble with the hop just press to standing and drive the knee without it! Be sure to keep good form and use your core for balance! When you try to go too quickly it’s easy to fall off balance. Only go as quickly as you can stay steady and have good form!

Triple Hops – These can be subbed for forward hops the whole time! Otherwise, rotate side, center, side with your hops! Be sure to know where your step is!

Sumo Pops – Squat down into a wide stance or sumo squat then hop up onto the stair/step bringing your feet together. Pop back down.

Step Taps – Run your feet right over the step as quickly as possible! They don’t have to actually tap it. Stay nice and tall here!

Enjoy guys!!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!