Fat Burning Step Intervals

If a quick, sweaty HIIT cardio session is what you need right now, you’re in the right spot! This is just 18 minutes long and  will have you nice and out of breath long before the end! I really you have a step here but you can really do them all without a step as well. The step is just going to add a little bit more challenge and intensify things! Always fun! 🙂

If you do have a step or a stool or whatever it may be. Make sure it’s sturdy! We don’t want to use any wobbly, rickety stools that threaten to fall apart during the workout. Also, be extra mindful to step onto the step during the workout. When you start getting tired it can be easy to miss and clip the edge causing a bit of a stumble!

Let’s do this friiiends! It’s time to get sweaty! Every time you’re here and working and giving your best effort, you are doing great things! Progress happens one step at a time so never give up on yourself. You have the power to get where you wanna go, it’s just a matter of staying consistent over time and giving your best effort! You got this!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


40 seconds work : 14 rest x4 Rounds
Side to Side Squat
Quick Foot Step Over
Curtsy Step R&L
In &Out Step

18 Minute Fat Burning Step Intervals