Fitness Progress & Mindset Training

Let’s talk mindset! There are definitely things you can do to make sure you stay in a mindset that’s going to help your progress rather than hinder it and that’s what this post is all about! These are simple things you can remember to keep you going strong! [Video at the bottom if you’d rather watch/listen]

All of our bodies are different. We can do the exact same thing or have the exact same body fat percentage as someone else but that doesn’t mean we are going to look the same! Even while following the same training plan, we will make progress at different rates, we’ll have different strengths and weakness and our bodies will adjust in different ways. You may hold fat in your hips while a friend holds it in her abs, these kinds of things make each person’s progress unique and our bodies look different even when we may be similar in our height or weight.

Progress takes more time than you think. Just like one unhealthy meal doesn’t ruin progress, one great meal or workout doesn’t make it! It’s important that we remember that progress is all about being consistent over time. You’re not going to hit a massive goal after a week or even a month of working to your goal. I don’t say this to sound discouraging but we need to know this going in! That way when we’re seeing itty bitty, gradual progress over weeks and months, we know that it all adds up to where we want to be! It keeps us going because we didn’t go in with unrealistic expectations to begin with that leave us disappointed and discouraged. It’s also important to remember here that since progress takes time, that one missed workout or off meal isn’t going to ruin your progress either! So don’t let those things discourage you!

Tweak things or change them up as needed. You will get to know your body well through your training. You’ll be able to tell when you need to make a change! Even withing a plan, for example my GFG plan/App, you will notice that exercises get easier as you get stronger. That’s when you have to know that maybe it’s time to up the weight! Or pick up the pace! Making sure we tweak things as we go to keep challenging ourselves is important! Our bodies adapt, which is what we want, but that also means we need to make sure and check in from time to time to be sure what we’re doing is challenging.

Always go for sustainable progress over the quick fix. It’s so tempting to go for the promise of a quick fix or easy out to get to our goals. Things like detox teas and waist trainers promise amazing results in no time at all, and week long cleanses ensure they will get rid of excess body fat quick. They all promise to be amazing and easy ways to your goal! The important thing to realize with most of these things is that they’re not creating real progress. As soon as the week long cleanse ends and you go back to real life eating, your progress slips away. It’s not sustainable! Detox teas generally have an herb in them that cause you to go to the bathroom, of course you’re feeling less bloated. It’s just not exactly the  fitness progress we’re looking for. Choose small lifestyle changes that you can make a permanent part of your life! Gradually adding in more healthy choices as the ones you’re working on become integrated into you life may take a little bit longer but its’ sustainable. You create a lifestyle that you can keep up with while working towards your goals! And when you enjoy your life and see progress, you keep at it, you get more motivated and it’s exciting!

Before wrapping this up I just want to mention that we need to remember that we can’t compare ourselves to other people, their lifestyle or their progress! We’re all in unique situations and phases of life. Someone that’s training for a body building competition for hours a week is going to have a very different fitness outlook than someone who is squeezing in home training for their health and being able to keep up with their kids. We’re all different and that’s what makes fitness awesome! It can fit our life.

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


Fitness Progress & Mindset Training