Full Body Post Workout Stretch

I don’t post tons of stretching but it is something I do after all of my workouts (unless they get cut short by Noah waking up) and work into all of my plans post workout (if you need help with a plan check these out 🙂 GFG, SugarySixpack App)!

I will say, I called this a post workout stretch. That’s because I that I don’t recommend stretching cold muscles! There should be some kind of dynamic warm up first where you’re getting your heart rate up slightly and warming up your body. If you want to add some stretching after a few minutes of dynamic warm up and before you start your workout, that’s fine! But static stretching shouldn’t be your entire warm up before starting.

A few of these will be good to add into a dynamic warmup, if you’re moving through a range of motion, like in the Hip Ham stretch, then it would work there as well!

So without further delay, here it is! 😀

I hope these are helpful for you! Would you want to see more stretching? Lower or upper body? Specifically hips or hamstrings etc? Let me know below!

Here are the exercises shown!
×Hip Flexor Side Stretch R+L×
×Hip Ham R+L×
×Kneeling Quad R+L×
×Thread the Needle R+L×
×Arch + Round×
×Forward Fold×
×Down Dog Wiggle×
×Hip Wiggle×
×Chest Stretch+Rotate×

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!